When a Poopie Isn’t a Poopie

There’s no real delicate way to write this post, but I’m going to try. Before I get into the experience, though, there are a few things that need to be established here:

  1.  ‘A2’, the infant, is a boy
  2. ‘A2’, is an African American
  3. Boys have “boy parts”
  4. African Americans have brown skin, and
  5. (most importantly), I’m an idiot

Having established the above, I can now tell you the following story: Tonight, ‘A2’ was fussing a bit. He had had his bottle and a diaper change. He spent some time in the swing and I thought he’d go to sleep. But every time he’d almost go to sleep, he’d wake himself up and start crying. Now, he is a pretty finicky baby when it comes to his diapers. When they are even the slightest bit wet, he will start to fuss, which means that sometimes he’ll get several diaper changes in a very short time.

After about 20 minutes of not being able to figure out why he was fussing, I decided to check his diaper again. In the dim light, I pulled back through the leg hole to take a peek to see how wet he was or if he was wet at all. What I saw, instead, was a nice big “smashed” poopie (for those of you who are not parents, that may seem gross. To those of you who have diaper changing experience, you know exactly what I thought I saw).

Mystery solved! I’d be irritated, too!

So, I throw the baby upon the changing table, tear off the diaper only to discover that, strangely enough, brown boy parts in dim light can look an awful lot like a full diaper. I laughed. ‘A2’ thought it hilarious and I felt like a total idiot.

Lesson learned. When checking diapers, use more senses than your eyes. Perhaps putting my olfactory senses to use might be a better way to go next time around.

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