We’ve Outgrown The Armada

Nissan NV VanWe love our Armada. In 2007 Jessica and I bought it because we (I) was not a fan of minivans and we (I) liked the idea of being able to tow things. Living in Rhinelander, it’s something you do a lot. We knew we wanted a vehicle that held 8 people and, frankly, we thought we’d never outgrow it.

We’ve had the car for nine years now and as it turns out, we were wrong. We’ve outgrown it. Additionally, since it’s a ten year old vehicle, we’re not certain how many more years it has left in it.

Last week, when I was in Minneapolis, Jessica texted me to let me know that she took in a 15-year old. Additionally, ‘A’ and ‘N’ came for a weekend visit. My response to Jessica was, “you realize you’ve just left yourself stuck at home.” There was no way she could go anywhere. She knew it but wasn’t too worried about it.

In the week since we’ve been back, we’ve been asked to take two of the four kids that I found sleeping in the alley last August (TJ’s half-siblings). I had to say, “no,” because I knew that it would put us over the threshold of what we could take in the Armada if we needed (or wanted) to go somewhere.

Jessica and I have been talking about a 12 passenger van for some time and, with the lion’s share of the construction done and about all of our money spent on that, it’s time for us to start seriously looking. The problem: they’re not cheap.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is I’m putting up another fund raiser; this one to help us to get a van big enough to haul around the kids, present and future.

We know that there are about a billion and one good causes out there and, just as with the attic, this is something we’re going to do regardless, but if our cause is one that speaks to you, feel free to help out!


Time to Replace the Armada and Get a 12 Passenger Van

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