We Need Money . . .

Ok – folks. There’s no other way to say it and I honestly don’t have time to soft-shoe it (If you haven’t read, see the blog post here). The last 24 hours have been (needless to say), somewhat expensive. And regardless of how this request for money goes, it won’t change how Jessica and I handle it. But I’ve already gotten several requests from people wanting to know how they can help this mother. In short, and as crass as it sounds, we need money.

Here is the breakdown of expenses already, in the last 24 hours:

Parts for car: $100.00
Hotel for mom for a week, while we get things squared away: $500.00
Gas for her car: $20.00
Outstanding parking tickets (so we could leave the car parked on the street overnight): $287.00
Diapers: $30.00
Target for things the kids need: $200.00

Total: $1,137.00

This does not take into consideration today’s expenses which will likely be about $65.00 for the tow to the mechanic and then another $300 to $400 for the repair. That will put us at a minimum of $1,502.00. And, of course, incidentals like food, etc, are not included in this total. While the attic fund is an important thing to us, this is even more important. And while, spending the money is something we’d do in a heartbeat, all over again, I wanted to put it out to those of you who have offered to help. The truth is, it will help us. Regardless, Jessica and I are going to make sure that this family is taken care of.

Anything will help. We mean it!


Marc & Jessica Benzakein

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