We Have Cool Neighbors

One of the reasons it took us over two years to find a house in Milwaukee was that we wanted to be sure it was in a neighborhood that we liked. We wanted a “Community” atmosphere. It took some time, but we found it.

This was confirmed (yet again) on Sunday when, at about 7:00, there was a ring at the door. I went to answer it and found our neighbors from down the street just checking in and wanting to drop off “a little something.”

It was an unassuming envelope; the kind that usually comes with a stack of “Thank You Notes” (note to self: buy a stack of “Thank You” Notes). After the kids went to bed I opened it up. Inside was a little note and $200.00. Now, while the $200 seems like more than just “a little something,” it was not the true treasure to be held. The $200 will definitely help, but the note enclosed is what had the greater meaning to Jessica and myself.

A Note From Our Neighbors


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