We Can’t Take Them All

Boys Website - almostLast night Jessica sent me a link to a family in Minnesota. Four boys in need of adoption. In 30 days they go back into the system and they will, in all likelihood be split up. My immediate reaction was, “we need to call on these kids right away!” And it’s very possible that we will call about them. They are EXACTLY the situation we are looking for. A sibling group waiting for a forever home.

Naturally, the first thoughts that go through our head are things like “do we have a place to put them yet?” (no). “Can we afford four more (adoptions aren’t exactly inexpensive), right now?” (no). “Are we ready?” (no). And then, we ask ourselves, “why not?” (well, why not?).

These kids need a home. These kids need love and guidance. One of them is about to enter into his life’s next chapter. If he goes off to college, which is his dream, he’ll discover holidays with no place to go and the separation from his siblings will psychologically impact him in ways I can only imagine.

And then I think about the fact that if we don’t take these in, there will be others that come later. There will always be more that come later. And while “there’s always next time” is typically something we say to console ourselves when we miss out on an opportunity, in a situation such as this, it just simply makes me sad. The painful truth is that we can’t take them all, but even more painful is that there will always be more.

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