Today Is It (Update & Photo Gallery)

As of right now, it looks as though the kids will be going to live with their maternal grandmother today. The social worker has a plan drawn up and, assuming all parties involved agree to the plan, they will be going to live with her. If they do not agree, then the kids go into foster care. In a way, it almost feels a bit heavy handed, but we know that it’s the right thing for these kids. Mom and Dad really need to get some help in order to care for them.

All of the adults involved (grandparents, parents, etc) have asked that we stay involved with the family. The father told the social worker yesterday that he could see that our house is filled with love. It feels good to know that people see and feel that when they come into our home.

Of course, with all of this, Jessica and I still have our insecurities about whether we’re doing the right thing. Hard decisions generally mean that there is no black and white. What we do know is that at this moment, we’re really not equipped to take these kids in long term. Because of many of their special needs (behavioral and developmental), they need to be in a home where they can be given full attention.

It is of some consolation, though, to know that they want us to remain involved. We will see how that shakes out.

All told, our out of pocket was around $5,000.00 (not including food) to help get them on their feet. Thanks to your outpouring of support, we were able to raise about $3,200.00 (the tally to the right is not accurate due to some cash donations that came in). Thanks so much for pitching in and, of course, if you still want to donate, you can do so by clicking on the donation form to the right.

Lastly, I’ve put together a little photo album of their almost one month stay with us. I took tons of photos but am only posting a few here.

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