The Attic and Some Updates

With everything that’s been going on, I have not had much of a chance to update everyone on a few things, the biggest thing being, where are we on the attic? You know . . . the attic that was supposed to be completed in June? Ya. . . That one.

Well, we are finally back to making some serious progress. We had a bunch of snafus such as permits, workers not showing up, lack of communication between contractors and subs, lack of communication between contractors and us. I think that pretty much covers it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m bitter about the fact that throughout this whole time of taking kids in, we’ve had to move sleeping arrangements around about five wazillion times. I’m not saying that it bothers me just a little bit that we have still been unable to finish the licensing process to become bonafide, endorsed by Milwaukee County foster parents. I’m not saying that it irks me at all that every time there has been a court proceeding with regard to the four kids that we have currently, they have to ask the judge for an exception; to treat us as fosters even though we are not licensed. I’m not even saying that I’m perturbed about the fact that it’s all going to be about $20,000 more than originally presented, due to necessary redesigns and unforeseen things. I’m not saying that I’m even slightly upset about any of that. What I *am* saying is that I really, kind of, sort of, just a little bit, would like to have people who don’t sleep or live in our house, kind of sort of, just a little bit, not here anymore. Jessica and I have had several conversations about how *not* excited we are about progress because this is all stuff that should have been done in May.

But, as I said . . . I’m not bitter.

(Dear readers, PLEASE tell me you know sarcasm when you see it because I really don’t want to have to write a whole different post about that)

But, with all of the above said, things are finally moving again and it looks as though we *might* be ready by Thanksgiving. The drywall is up, mudded and sanded and they are starting on the paint. While the painting is going on, the electrician is putting switches, light fixtures, ceiling fans and outlets in. By tomorrow, most of the attic will be “lit.”

Next week, the hardwood floors are going in and then it’s the trim, doors, bathroom fixtures and details.

This could actually be happening, and once it’s done, we can finally complete that last step required in order to be a fully licensed home. I’ve added some updated photos and the new photo updates will be coming a bit more frequently now that things are progressing.

But before I get to the photos, I just wanted to give a couple of other updates:

I still have to do the math on the fund raiser for the homeless woman, but by my rough calculations, we were able to raise about $4,800 to help her. Jessica and I spent just over $5,000 by the time we were done. This means that we only really ran about a $200.00 deficit, and THAT’S SO COOL! We have a ton of people we want to thank for stepping up in any way they could, so expect a post soon. Honestly, we could not have expected more. In fact, it was far more than expected.

Also, the fund raiser on helping us to pay for the attic is sitting right at about $8,000. It’s been a while since I’ve done the calculations on that. It is still mind-blowing to me that you helped with that. We’re at the point where we only have the final payment due (upon completion), but we somehow managed to get it done. Those of you that pitched in were a big part of it; not just because of the money, but it really is great for our morale and motivation to know that we have people who believe in what we’re doing.

Here’s the gallery. I’ll be adding to it as the attic changes.


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