Since this crazy adventure started, we’ve had several people pitch in to help. While it really isn’t necessary, I cannot tell you how much we’ve appreciated all of it. From having people offer their time to help out to actually sending items we can use to just plain sending cash and gift certificates, it is definitely a reminder that we’re all in this together and it makes the experience so much richer when others get involved.

So, I’d like to take a minute to thank you guys, from all of us!

To the Rhinelander bunch who brought a ton of toys, supplies and clothes, thanks to you, the kids will have clothes to wear and diapers to poop in for some time to come.

Quinn Family: You guys are awesome! Haven’t seen you in a while but hope you guys are all doing great!

Mom: Thanks for the Target gift cards

Sam Whitefeather: Despite the fact that you have a baby not much older, thanks for sharing some of your things. The swing, especially has come in really handy and ‘A2’ has already logged several hours of sleep in that thing. I wish they’d make one adult-size. 🙂

To the Barringham Family: So cool that you went out of your way to send us some cold hard cash, and all the way from Australia, too! I hope you got a good exchange rate!

To the Beagens: Thank you! Your kindness will not go unforgotten, we can assure you!

To the $100 Amazon Gift Card donor with a return address of Ontario, California and the donor supposedly from Redlands, CA who sent us a Target Gift Card: We have no idea who you are and could not tell from the return address. We can only assume you wish to remain anonymous which makes it all that much cooler! We cannot thank you enough. I hope that you read this and know it’s appreciated!

To Heather: Thanks for offering to drive all the way up here from Chicago to watch the kids so that one night Jessica and I might be able to go out and have a proper date. I don’t know that I’d wish it on any of my friends, but you never know . . . We just might take you up on that.

To the Gosnell Family: You guys just plain rock. Offering your time, your home and friendship has meant the world to us; not just since we took in the kids but since we connected last year. I am SO glad we do not have guns in our house! 😉

It amazes me how easy it is to find the good in this world, and we really don’t have to look that hard. You guys are all rock stars and we’ll always be grateful for the support (emotionally and otherwise) that you’ve given.

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