So Long (But Not Goodbye)

Yesterday, the car was finally finished. It ended up being more than expected because it was also discovered that the rear left brake needed to be repaired. New brake caliper, rotor and $377 later and the car was good to go. I drove the car home, cleaned it out and vacuumed it. Jessica had been, throughout the week, washing their piles and piles of laundry. While I was cleaning the car out, she folded the clothes, sorted them and put them in separate totes for each one. The car was totally loaded up by the time I left to take it back to the mother at the hotel.

It was decided that Jessica would take the kids separately, in the Armada and I would drive the newly repaired car. I wanted to make sure that everything seemed to work and felt that having the kids all in the car would be a bit of a distraction. We got the kids reunited with their mom at about 5:30. Hugs and thanks all around and we headed for home.

At about 6:30, Jessica received a text from the mom stating that the kids missed us and could she drop them off back here around 9:00? Jessica and I talked about it and decided that we needed the night to figure out some better arrangements for the kids because obviously, this was a sign that this is going to turn into a long-term thing. Jessica told her that we would pick the kids up today and told her that it’s time to make some hard decisions and some serious plans. When asked if she thought the kids coming here was a short term thing or a long term thing, the mother responded “long term.”

At this point, we are working on new arrangements and coming up with some plans, ourselves. The attic is still nowhere ready but the kids need stability, love, and a home. So, until the attic is done, things are going to be a bit chaotic around here. So, I’m thinking that this is the end of Chapter 2 and we’re about ready to enter into Chapter 3. Stay tuned. . .

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