I have about three posts that I have been needing/wanting to push out but am falling a little behind. This is one about a thought I had last Thursday and thoughts like this really do help me in the day to day chaos of life.

Brenna has Taekwondo classes on Tuesday and Thursday. She really enjoys them and, for a four year old, I’d say she’s really catching onto it quickly. Our afternoons on these days involve me getting to the school to pick ‘A’, Eli and Brenna up, going home, getting Brenna a snack and then heading out by 4:00 to make it to her class which starts at 4:30. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the house

This past Thursday, for some reason, Brenna lollygagged a bit longer than she normally does and we got out the door a couple of minutes late. I was not too worried because we normally have a few minutes to spare on the back end once we get there.

So, as is typical, we’re in the car, goofing off when I see the sign: Left two lanes closed at Howard Avenue. Expect delays. Time to Howard: 19 minutes (or something to that effect, anyway). The exit for her class is two exits past Howard and about 5 minutes off the highway. So, I’m thinking that we may be a minute or two late but I figured we could make it.

In the meantime, Brenna and I goofed off, played games, talked about how much we hated traffic (we’re lucky. Typically Milwaukee traffic’s got NOTHING on SoCal traffic), laughed and sang.

By the time we hit Howard, her class was about 20 minutes into it. It’s a 30 minute class. If we were to get there, she would have had, at most, two minutes to work out. So, I told her that I was just going to turn around and go home. “That’s ok, Daddy,” she said. “We had fun on the way, right?”

We didn’t make it to class, but by the time we got home, we had spent an hour in the car, just the two of us having fun. In a world where we have not had much of that lately, what seemed on the surface to be an hour of wasted time going nowhere, only took the perspective of my four year old daughter to look a little deeper and see what really mattered. Yes, Brenna, we did have fun on the way.

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