Overwhelmed With Gratitude (We Need Money Part 2: Results of Day 1)

So yesterday I posted a call for support. First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who pitched in to the campaign started yesterday. The response was overwhelming. Much of the money came from people I don’t know at all which really blew my mind. I knew that I had quality friends both in my personal and professional circles (which really overlap or have no dividing line at all), but it’s so good to see that others felt the need to help this complete stranger. Of course, the expenses do continue to pile up but yesterday was a huge boost.

In short, we took in $1,950 yesterday. This is great because it turns out the car repair is going to be more like $850.00 (not only does the fuel pump need to replaced, but so do the tank and mounting straps) and, we also found some other “past dues” that are likely going to need to be taken care of.

So, I don’t have a lot of time to thank each person who donated individually, but I would like to thank you all. Every penny that has been donated will be going to this cause, but I do think that we’re over the crisis stage right now. Now it’s just a matter of coming up with the long-term plan and getting it put into place.

Awesome day yesterday, folks! You all ROCK!


  1. Sarah Backus

    Hi friends…don’t want to back seat drive and you know more of big picture than I. I do know that getting pix of kids sparks wallets to open. Yes a bit exploitive, but px speak 1,000 words. Baby is SO ADORABLEI also know that phone 211 may hook her up to more resources. Wish I could do more…am bed ridden for now. Gofundme may also help, with kid pix. Loved you before, but great what you are doing…when you need a break, just slip the kids into Sam’s gang…it’ll take her at least 2 days to notice????❤️

    • MarcBenz

      HI Sarah,

      Thanks for both the donation AND the comment. Posting photos is sort of an iffy proposition since this is a public site. Having been through the foster to adopt program, it’s become apparent that you have to be really careful. I *have* taken tons of photos already (as has Jessica), but we’re not sure how we feel about posting the photos.

      The thing I don’t like about GoFundme is that they take a chunk of cash (they have to stay in business after all). We really want all the money to go to this. I do like the exposure they offer, though.

      Lastly, regarding Sam. Ya. She was here about an hour ago. She took one of ours back with her. Maybe she’ll forget she has her! 😉

  2. Sarah Backus

    Got it. Wish I were not bed ridden wish I could help more. Sounds like Mama has a lot on the ball and been through a great horrendous deal. My thing is brain development,prenatal up…baby sounds a little hyper extensive…lots of skin contact and gentle massage is good, you all got this. If I have anymore xtra$ on the first, will send your way. Every time an unarmed person killed by cops or a church gets burnt,I try to send 20-30… Been quiet for a week or a good/ bad coverup.
    Stay saintly, sarah

    • MarcBenz

      Sorry you’re stuck in a bed. Of course, to me, right now, that sounds sort of nice (I’m sure you can understand that perspective). 😉

      The mother has a lot going for her (she’s bright, able bodied, and surprisingly motivated to find work). But with always having to worry about how the four kids are going to get taken care of, the deck gets stacked against her quickly. Hopefully things will change for her this week as we’ve gotten in touch with several agencies that can help.

  3. Preston Beach

    Marc, good to run in to you again. You and your wife rock! I’m very proud to know you and to hear of what you’re doing with your life. My wife Lori has stage 4 cancer and our finances are currently a bit limited, but I know people. Lots of them. So I’m getting the word out for you in my neck of the woods, and we’ll give what we can as well. I’m learning that there are a lot more good people in the world than I had originally thought…that’s a great encouragement to me, and so are you. You have a good heart.

  4. MarcBenz

    Hey Preston! So good to see you again! I’ve seen a few photos on you on Facebook and sort of stayed up to date, but did not realize Lori has stage 4! I don’t know how I missed that! I’m so sorry to hear that.

    Obviously, you have your hands full and my thoughts are with you guys.

    There are a lot of good people in the world; more than not. But it’s really easy to get cynical when all we seem to see is the bad. Things like this are encouraging to us all. 🙂

    Send my best to Lori. And, please, stay in touch!

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