Our Fundraising Campaign and an Update

Our fundraiser for the homeless woman and her children raised a little over $3,000.00. I was pretty amazed that you all felt compelled to participate in such a big way! It, once again, restores my faith in humanity, recognizing that as individuals we’re pretty awesome. As a group. we can be even more so.

The update on her is also pretty positive. She was here at the house last night for about an hour. She has been picking the oldest one (‘T’) up from school every day and says she has a job now that works her a lot of hours at Quad Graphics. Also, she has been looking at housing and hopes to have something soon. Our collective goal is to reunite the kids with their mother permanently in about 30 days from the day she returned them to us. While, at first, it appeared that she did not want them, it’s possible that she just felt overwhelmed.

We have also offered to continue to give her parental support/advice/guidance in any way that we can. While we’re not experts in parenting, we feel that her exposure to any sort of a good role model has been limited if not non-existent.

The kids have started to thrive living here. Their time-outs are fewer and further between and their manners flow naturally. ‘L’, who is actually quite the people pleaser by nature (will post about her separately) still has her tantrums, but they end sooner and she’s quite the little entertainer.

TJ is acting far more like an infant of one month should. He sleeps at night, waking up every three hours like clockwork to be changed and fed. His cry is now something that can be heard a room over (at first, you almost had to be right next to him to hear him) and his breathing is far more normal. He still is not great at latching onto a bottle but he’s far better.

‘T’ has also improved her attitude a bit. This morning she actually woke up and spoke to me. Typically it takes her a while to warm up to interacting with me much. She loves school, and I think she’ll do pretty well there.

‘K’ is still himself. He is much quicker to say he’s sorry when he hurts someone and he’s far less likely to just hit. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen him hit anyone since a couple of days ago.

Lastly, I’ve been told that I don’t really indicate that we’re still trying to raise money to cover the expenses that Jessica and I have covered in the last couple of weeks. I guess I’m not really great at asking for money. But, despite the $3,000 in donations, we’re still about $1,500 less than the total spent (not counting incidentals and food which is probably another $500). So, having said that, if you’ve been thinking about helping out, thought your missed the bus, or forgot about it completely, feel free to help out! You can do so by clicking on the link to the right or on the form in this post. Oh! And if you’re not in a position to help financially, that’s cool, too! But would you mind sharing the story with your friends on and off social media? We’d greatly appreciate it!

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