Marc, Meet Calendar. Calendar, Meet Marc.

I admit it. I’ve been in love with the IDEA of having a shared virtual calendar for years. In fact, the main reason we got Android phones was because, at the time, Google Calendar was the only fairly robust shared calendar solution out there. Even more, in fact, I’ve embellished a little and told people that the shared calendar functionality has practically been a marriage saver at times.

The truth: I am TERRIBLE at using a calendar. Not just terrible, but so atrocious at it that I’ve managed to come up with the exact opposite. For the purpose of this post, I’ll call it “The Uncalendar.”

What makes what I do worse than having no calendar at all? I’m unpredictable. See, if a person either always uses a calendar or always doesn’t, you can at least depend on one or the other. But being inconsistent doesn’t just make it twice as bad. It makes it about 100 times as bad.

I cannot tell you how many times a week I will ask Jessica when something starts and she’ll respond with, “check the calendar.” I know that this is her way to nudge me to use it as a tool for organization; to make our lives easier. And sometimes I do it and sometimes I don’t. This makes it a non-tool. An unreliable device full of misinformation.

Case in point: This week is going to be particularly hectic for us. Tomorrow we have the Guardian Ad Litem (I think that’s a fancy term for “Social Worker” but I’m not sure) visiting at 3:00. I have to leave to pick the kids up from school at 3:15. At 4:30, Brenna has taekwondo and at 6:00 I have to be in Chicago to do a presentation. Then, on Friday, I leave for Toronto.

I messed up.

I was a really good boy and put the Chicago presentation on the schedule, but I put it on its original day, which was Wednesday. I just checked and saw that it was tomorrow instead. Thinking that THEY got it wrong, I went back and looked at my chat history and saw that not only did I agree to the change in date but my response was (and I quote here), “that’s even better!”

I’m an idiot.

At the time I said that, it WAS even better. And even now, it would have worked out better EXCEPT for the fact that I know that if Jessica had seen that I was to be doing a presentation on Tuesday night, she would have scheduled the social worker for another night. All because *I* failed to update the calendar with the new date.

So, here’s how tomorrow is going to shape up:

3:00 pm:: Shake hands with the social worker. Tell him/her that I have to get the kids

3:15 pm:  Get kids and have them home by 3:45

3:45 pm: Talk with the social worker for however long he/she needs as long as it is not longer than 30 mintues

4:00 pm: Skip taekwondo

4:15 pm: Potentially apologize to social worker that I need to be leaving. Leave for Chicago just in case there is traffic.

6:00 pm: Get myself together so I don’t look like a complete imbecile when doing my presentation.

7:00 pm:  Bow to the standing applause I will no doubt get from my incredible presentation

I know I’ll be able to pull it off. But the added pressure I’m putting on those around me because I could not make a simple entry or change in the calendar is something I really don’t need to be doing; especially now.

So, all of this is to say that I am hereby committing to being far more conscientious when it comes to calendaring. When there is a change, I will be sure to update it accordingly. I know that this is how Jessica runs her day and I know that when I’m not doing it, it just makes life harder on her.

Wish me luck!


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