Just a Small Update

I’m not going to go into a long rant or anything since I’m working on getting to bed prior to midnight on a fairly regular basis but here’s the latest:

‘A’ has had a sour attitude for the last three days. When he gets this way, he shuts down and looks for anyway to hide that he can. This can include anything from hiding out somewhere in the house to zipping his coat or hoodie up over his face so no one can see him. Today, I told him that if he wants to be part of the family, he can choose to talk about his issues with us or I will send him to be alone where he has no form of stimulation (sort of solitary confinement). The main reason I do this is because I know he’s pulling this in order to *get* attention. By sending him where there is no one, there is no one for him to put on a show for which makes his dramatics pointless. By the end of the talk, we worked through some things and we’ll see if it has had much of an impact. I suspect we’ll go through several of these before he learns that he can trust us and that we’re going to be around.

Speaking of being around, as we fully expected, their mother texted Jessica this morning and asked if we would take care of them full time until March. She is going to check herself into a women’s shelter. We have no idea what the March deadline is connected to, nor do we expect that it will actually be significant anyway. We are still having problems with her connecting to get the guardianship papers signed even though she says she is anxious to do it. Tonight, she was supposed to come over for dinner to explain things to the kids and sign the papers, but when Jessica texted her, the response at around 7:00 PM was that she just woke up.

Eli is handling things better and I have arranged to go have lunch with him at school at least once a week. I’m hoping that this will help him to realize how important he is. He does already know this as, today, he mentioned to me that he sees me as one of the few dads around that wants to be around their kids. Sad that he has observed this at such a young age. The kid *does* notice things and is very observant. I love that about him.

Lastly, I’m slowly making updates to the site. The real purpose is for me to blog as things happen which is why I made it live before it was really ready at all. I have also added a Contact form which I will be fleshing out a bit, as well as a photo gallery which I hope to format a little bit better as time allows.
That’s it for now. Off to bed!

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