Clearly, one of us was irritated by the flash

Clearly, one of us was irritated by the flash

I have to admit, during the overnight routine, I have not been as actively involved as I was with Eli and Brenna. And by that, I mean the extent of my involvement has been that when ‘A2’ wakes up for his feedings, diaper changes and whatever general awakedness (yes, I just made that word up. My blog. My rules.) he sees fit at the time, I immediately spring into action by rolling over and putting a pillow over my head, leaving the work to Jessica. In other words, I’m a jerk.

Last night, however, was different. The first few nights here, ‘A2’ has generally pretty much gone back to sleep (or maybe I slept through him being awake and *thought* he went right back to sleep) right after his diaper change or bottle. This time, though, he decided that 3:00 in the morning was a perfectly reasonable hour to stay awake. To further the frustration, it is looking like Jessica is on her way to get her semi-annual sinus infection, so “perky” is not exactly how I’d describe her (not that anyone has ever described her as “perky” and lived).

So, after she struggled with him for a bit, I decided that I would take the baby downstairs while she got some rest. I know, big of me, right?

Actually, this is how things went many times with Brenna when she was an infant. On the nights that it became apparent that she was not going to go right back to sleep after feedings (which was almost every night), I would take her down to the basement and watch REALLY BAD TV until we would both fall asleep in my recliner. By the way, if you have not seen “Ice Road Truckers: World’s Most Dangerous Roads,” you’ll find it to be really quite the roller coaster ride; especially at 3:00 am! BEST SHOW EVER! But I digress . . .

So, anyway, back to Flashback Tuesday/Wednesday/Whateverday. . . I’ve improved the quality of my TV viewing by watching a DVR’d episode of Castle, and realized that I missed about half of last season, so clearly my cognitive abilities at that time of the day are not terribly hindered. In fact, I even picked up on the reference of red-headed doll called “Smiley Susan” and their dog named, “Annie.” I was pretty proud of myself on that one. Anyway, apparently Castle had been kidnapped, lost a bunch of his memory, did some terrible things and wrote a couple of books while I was away. But now I’m just rambling. <—BTW, that’s what I do when I’m really sleep deprived. So get ready for a 1.5 wazillion word post about nothing.

Back to the story. At about 4:30, I think we finally fell asleep in that oh too familiar position in the recliner. Baby asleep and me fading fast. And one thing I had forgotten was that when I fall asleep in that position, I have THE MOST vivid dreams. So realistic that when I wake up, I have a very difficult time separating the dream from reality.

You see, apparently, while we were sleeping so (un)comfortably in my chair, someone felt the need to remove both of the old front doors from our house. They didn’t take the brand new storm doors, but they did manage to rip out the main doors. And they did it without waking me up. Of course, this made sense to me. These doors are over 100 years old, and I’m sure that they’d be worth a bit in the “antique home parts black market.” So, I got up to tell Jessica about it when she noticed that there was a broken window (where a wall typically is). So not only did those little stinkers take our doors, but they felt the need to break our really old window in the process. And the neighbor’s house that was on the south side of us, for some reason, was now on the north side of us.

By this point, I told Jessica that I wondered if I was dreaming, so I was going to go down and check again. But sure enough. The doors were still gone.

And then I woke up. Getting up out of my chair, the first thing I did was walk around the house to make sure that everything was as it should be. Sure enough, the doors were where they should have been. There was a wall where a wall should have been and the neighbors were back on the South side of us. It was only a dream. So I went to tell Jessica all about the strange dream I had just had. She was in the kitchen, so I went upstairs to go talk to her about the strange dream while she got the kids lunches ready. And then it hit me: Our kitchen is not upstairs. It’s on the main floor.

And then I woke up.

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