Home At Last: Happiness and Community

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I have a great time on my business trips. I am lucky (as in EXTREMELY lucky) to love what I do and that I get to do it within a community that I care deeply about. It’s a community that truly believes that when we all do well, WE ALL DO WELL; meaning that while there are competitors, you never really feel as though you’re competing against anyone other than yourself. The amount of time and help people give willingly within this community, with no expectation of reciprocity makes it about the most stress-free professional/working experience I’ve ever encountered.

A friend of mine within the WordPress Community looked me in the eye this weekend and said to me, “You really have found the secret to happiness, haven’t you?” And while I don’t have all the answers, I think he might be right. I have my bad days, to be sure and there are definitely my frustrations from time to time, but overall I’d say that ya, I’ve found it, and it all revolves around this concept of community.

The last year has been, I think, the first time in my life that almost every aspect of it revolves around community. Professionally, I know that if I were to find myself in a bind, it would take nothing to reach out and have 100 people there to help. Personally, I feel the same. Between the friends we’ve made over the years and our new friends that we’ve made since moving, I know that they are people that are there for each other.

And, the kids are going to a school with the word “Community” in the title. At this school, the parents and teachers work together as a community to make it a better environment for everyone. When we all do well, we ALL do well.

No, we don’t have a ton of money in the bank. And yes, most of us are living paycheck to paycheck. BUT, I do believe that the more people subscribe to the concept of true community, the more happy people will be.

So, tomorrow I’ll wake up and the normal routine of getting kids up and dressed in time for school will return. For me, it’ll probably feel as if I never left. But I *hope* that for Jess, it’ll feel as if I’m back to help. Because, even under the same roof, in a home of only seven people the philosophy of “Community” still applies.

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