Historic Home Tour

This past weekend, our home was on the neighborhood tour of historic homes. Our community is a somewhat unique community in Milwaukee because while it is in an urban area, the people who live here are very close and work hard to preserve both the history while, at the same time, always endeavor to welcome new people and new ideas. In many ways, it reminds me of the WordPress Community. People here really CARE about the success, livelihood and happiness of its residents. We’ve only been here for less than two years and I have found it amazing that our little neighborhood adopted us so quickly.

Because we moved into this house and it needed quite a bit of updating (it was, after all, 115 years old at the time we moved in) and even more repair, people have been watching our progress with great interest. So, when they started planning their annual home tour, they asked that we be a part of it. To be honest, while we have gotten to know various neighbors, we really have not had many over because to us, the house never feels like it’s *done* and we’ve had two years of contractors here constantly (but not consistently; that’s another story).

For the tour, I decided to do a slideshow so our guests could see the progress we’ve made on the house. And, since the attic was not done, Jessica and I decided it would be a perfect opportunity for us to show what we were doing in the attic and why we are doing it.

We had about 300 people come through our house Saturday and every time, Jessica would greet them at the door, welcome them to our house and then proceed to tell different parts of the same story about how she grew up in foster care. I probably heard her tell the story 50 times and not once, did I get tired of hearing it. It’s a pretty incredible (albeit sad with a happy ending) story about how a person can overcome so much adversity and still end up on her feet. Ya. . . she’s pretty amazing. And several times throughout the day, I caught people standing and watching one of the three TVs on which we had the movie showing, captivated by the photos of the house as well as the narrative.

Our hope is that, while the people came to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to live in old homes, they walked away with more than simply that. Old houses are pretty cool, but a real home is even cooler!

You can view the movie if you like. And if you want to help, we’ve just started a new crowd fund on gofundme.com so you can pitch in for the attic. Our goal is to make room to take in another sibling group.

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