Have a Positive Foster Care, Overcoming Poverty or Adoption Story to Share?

As this site has grown in popularity (I mean, it’s no YouTube, but its traffic has increased considerably), I’ve had people contact me with comments such as “I grew up in foster care and . . . ” or, “I had a family take us in and . . . ”

It got me to thinking that maybe (and probably) people have heard enough of ME. We live in a world where so much is broken and the Foster Care System, while it does what it can, is still broken. People know that and I think are discouraged by that fact. But there seem to be a LOT of things to celebrate,  as well, and that’s the sort of story I am looking for.

If you’d like to tell your story, fill out the form below and let us know! You can tell it anonymously or you can get full credit! Either way, I’m sure that many others would be inspired to hear the stories. I know I’m inspired by Jessica’s story and I’ve been in contact with several of you who have inspired me as well.

I Have a Story To Share

Been in Foster Care? Been a Foster Parent? Have a story to share? I'm looking for guest authors because, frankly, with a few exceptions, our day to day life is not exciting enough to blog about. But YOUR story might help to inspire others in a number of different ways!
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  • You don't need to be too detailed here. I just need a quick summary to get an idea.