So, we’re going through the process of getting guardianship for the three kids. This all sounds like loads of fun. There are a few requirements involved in order to petition for guardianship.

  1. Fill out a bunch of paperwork; essentially the same forms for each child. Jessica got writer’s cramp while doing this
  2. Establish Paternity
  3. Show that we can provide a good home to a guardian ad litem or social worker prior to hearing
  4. Serve parents for a court hearing
  5. Show up in court

Today Jessica went in to have the forms reviewed. Apparently, the fact that we’re taking three kids in is a big deal because she got the royal treatment. Also, the receptionist who gave me the paperwork last week was a completely different person with Jessica than she was with me. This was who I ran into:

Apparently she was nothing but hugs, kisses and smiles for Jessica.

Paternity is going to be interesting. Three kids, three different fathers, and any of them can show up in court and contest the guardianship. I’m not sure what to make of this one because we have no idea if they’ll show up or not. We know that the mother has no desire to show up in court is happy to sign over guardianship.

The other concern that I have (and this is me speaking, not necessarily Jessica) is that right now they are really set up in a temporary situation. They sleep on air mattresses in makeshift areas on the house, not really set up as rooms. Our goal is to have the attic built out with at least 4 bedrooms and two baths. This was always our goal for when we planned to take in foster children, but now the plan for that has been moved up a bit.

Today we had an architect come over and measure things. Tomorrow he will be finishing up and then the fun of getting estimates will begin. The good news is that he did say that the attic is definitely structurally sound enough to handle it and that there is plenty of room. But until that is built, we will probably have to be a bit more creative with living spaces for everyone. Hopefully whomever inspects the home will recognize the potential of what we’re doing rather than making a decision based on how things are right now. At the very least, we all know that they are in a much better place now than they were. Fingers crossed!

Court hearing is set for November 18, so there’s a lot to do in a short time. Wish us luck!


  1. I wish you the best Marc. What a blessing for both you and these kids. It is truly awesome that you are able to do this. I’ll pray for you guys.

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