Grand Total Up to Date (A Balance Sheet)

Just wanted to give everyone a grand total update on the fund raiser, along with a balance sheet of sorts. The thing that has been shocking to me is how many have contributed from overseas and are people I don’t know at all. It’s pretty amazing.

First, let’s start with the expenses (the bad news):

Parts for car: 0 (we opted to have a mechanic repair, so the parts will be returned)
Hotel for mom: $500.00
Gas for car: $20.00
Outstanding parking tickets in Milwaukee: $613.00
Outstanding parking ticket in Green Bay: $55.00
Diapers: $30.00
Target for essentials for the kids: $200.00
School Uniforms (oldest started school yesterday): $70.00
Outstanding electric bill (needs to be paid so when she *does* find a place to stay, she can get the lights turned on): $1300.00
Car repair: $800.00 (this might actually go lower once it’s done as there are things that *might* not be needed)

Total: $3,588.00

Now for the good news! This is what YOU all have contributed: $2,565.00

Folks, that is bloody awesome! And that’s just in 48 hours. It blows my mind how generous you guys have been on this, and judging from the traffic this site has gotten, you’re not done yet. I’ve been told that, in life, we all get one exclamation point and to use it wisely. I’m choosing to use it now and I’m going to cheat and use it a lot.


I think that the above is the majority of the expenses. There will, no doubt, continue to be things trickling in; a few “gotcha’s” etc. But hopefully some of the programs we’ve looked into will kick in eventually and we know she’s actively pursuing a job (When Jessica took her to the hotel, she saw that there was a “help wanted” sign up and before even getting the keys to her room, she asked for an application).

Thanks again for stepping up! Humanity can rock when it really wants to! 🙂

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