Fundraising Update, Day 3

For those of you curious, here are the numbers as of day three:

First, let’s start with the expenses (the bad news):

Parts for car: 0 (we opted to have a mechanic repair, so the parts will be returned)
Hotel for mom: $500.00
Gas for car: $20.00
Outstanding parking tickets in Milwaukee: $613.00
Outstanding parking ticket in Green Bay: $55.00
Diapers: $30.00
Target for essentials for the kids: $200.00
School Uniforms (oldest started school yesterday): $70.00
Outstanding electric bill (needs to be paid so when she *does* find a place to stay, she can get the lights turned on): $1300.00
Car repair: $800.00 (this might actually go lower once it’s done as there are things that *might* not be needed. Car will be done later today.)

Total: $3,588.00

Now for the good news! This is what YOU all have contributed: $2,675.00

Definitely a testament to what a group of people can do when they pool their resources. Once again, Jessica and I cannot thank you enough! I’ll keep posting a daily update as numbers change.

Thanks again everyone!

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