From Five to Six

I have mentioned that typically, on the weekends, the boys go over to their mom’s to stay. This, on one hand, breaks the routine, but on the other hand, it does give us a little break. In our ideal world, the kids would never leave because we do believe that they need consistency and stability in their lives. However, the one condition of the guardianship was that we allow for “reasonable” visitation. What constitutes “reasonable” is, of course, subject to interpretation.

One of the things that I have not really talked about is the fact that while we have the three boys (said in my Darth Vader voice in my head) they have a sisster! She is two years old and I have only really been around her a couple of times. She did spend the night here once before and that was quite the adventure. She is quite the handful having not really been given so much as “guidelines” in the past.

A perfect example of her stubbornness is one time when she needed Jessica to do something and Jessica told her she had to ask nicely (rather than demand) and use the “P” word. ‘J’ (the little girl) sat there for 38 minutes, timed and verified, before she finally relented and said “Please.”

She was not happy. Bed time was another chore because, as I’ve mentioned one or a million times, we have a routine and kids are to be lights out by 8:30 every night. ‘J’ is obviously conditioned to think she can go to bed whenever she wants. Unfortunately, because of the shared living spaces that we’re dealing with, this means that ‘N’ had a hard time going to sleep because he saw how his sister was acting. When ‘N’ came to live with us, it took us a solid two weeks before he would go to bed and close his eyes like he was supposed to. Adding ‘J’ to the mix made it all that much more “fun”.

The good news is, though, that once she fell asleep (after several firm but fair reprimands), she was out for the night.

Why do I bring this all up? Because this morning, their mother texted Jessica telling her that a break was needed and could we take ‘J’ in for the night. I’m not sure where this is all going, but I will say that this is how it all began with the other three.

Do I have a point here? Not really. But no one says that if you write a blog post, you HAVE to have a point?

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