N & J 1One of the Benzakein family traditions, since Eli was barely old enough to do so, has been to have frequent impromptu dance parties before bed. In the early days, it was Eli in the basement of the old house, just running around in circles and as he got older, he would throw in an occasional break-dance move. It seems that we would go through stages where these parties are several times a week to once every couple of weeks, depending on our schedules, how we’re feeling and general moods.

When Brenna came along, it was twice the fun. She loves music and loves to dance, although many times what she *really* just wants is for her old man to pick her up and spin her in circles. I’m usually happy to oblige until I get tired or dizzy, or both. And I should really point out that getting tired or dizzy usually happens before a single song is over.

Adding the three new kids has not changed the tradition. Both ‘A’ and ‘N’ love to bust a move or two and it’s always a lot of fun when everyone gA - 1ets involved. Being the one with the fewest moves (and by fewest, I mean that I have somewhere between negative 1 and negative 3 legitimate dance moves), I usually “dance” with the baby while Jessica does her thing with the kids.

The other night, when ‘J’ was over, we had another dance party and she got into it with the rest of ’em. We had a house full of kids dancing, with the exception of Eli who was off playing Minecraft with his cousin who lives in Washington (an aside here: how cool is it that cousins in completely different parts of the country can talk and play with each other every night? Sometimes I really appreciate technology!).

The cutest thing, though, was when ‘N’ and ‘J’ held hands and slow danced with each other. You can tell they have a genuine affection for each other. It’s always fun to see the kids together and appreciate the moments when everyone is getting along, because we all know that it can all turn on a dime!

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