It’s Official

The last few days have been quite a whirlwind. I left on Friday to get to Toronto for a conference and then spent the day yesterday trying to get back. Weather caused all kinds of delays and instead of getting home at around 12:45 or something, I ended up not getting home until 5:00. This threw EVERYTHING into a bit of chaos for everyone under this roof. But all of that is a story for another post, because none of it really matters (other than it makes a good tale to tell).

It was really super ultra mega-important that I get back before today because today was THE day. The day that Jessica and I were to appear in front of a judge to petition for guardianship of the three boys. For those of you who have not been through this process (and I suspect that’s most of you), I’ll give you a breakdown.

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I have about three posts that I have been needing/wanting to push out but am falling a little behind. This is one about a thought I had last Thursday and thoughts like this really do help me in the day to day chaos of life.

Brenna has Taekwondo classes on Tuesday and Thursday. She really enjoys them and, for a four year old, I’d say she’s really catching onto it quickly. Our afternoons on these days involve me getting to the school to pick ‘A’, Eli and Brenna up, going home, getting Brenna a snack and then heading out by 4:00 to make it to her class which starts at 4:30. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the house

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Marc, Meet Calendar. Calendar, Meet Marc.

I admit it. I’ve been in love with the IDEA of having a shared virtual calendar for years. In fact, the main reason we got Android phones was because, at the time, Google Calendar was the only fairly robust shared calendar solution out there. Even more, in fact, I’ve embellished a little and told people that the shared calendar functionality has practically been a marriage saver at times.

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The Chocolate Cake Lady

I have not posted anything in the last couple of days; not because I did not have anything to post, but I’ve been a bit busy. So today I’m going to cheat a little and cut and paste a blog post Jessica wrote a couple of years ago on her site. I was just reminded of this story (although I am reminded of it often) because of a card that came from some friends of ours up north where the Chocolate Cake Lady was mentioned and we were referenced as now being “The Chocolate Cake Lady.”

It struck me as sort of a shame that this lady, whomever she is, will never know that she impacted more than just my wife for a few nights, but for a lifetime and that kindness is being passed on. Most of Jessica’s friends have heard the story, but I’m not so sure that mine have. So, for those who do not know the story, I hope you enjoy it.

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The Five Secrets To Highly Effective and Successful Small Business Middle Class Parent People

DISCLAIMER: I really am not claiming to be the authority on any of this. But hey, the headline sort of works so I went with it.

It seems that everywhere I turn there is a list on the “secrets” to this or how to “master” something. My Facebook feed is full of these and, frankly, they drive me nuts. First of all, because I tend to click on them only to find that 99.9% of it is rehashed drabble that seems common sense enough but is being presented in some way, like it’s original thought.  And secondly, because I find myself asking, “who does this person think they are to be an expert?” While once in a while there DOES come an original thought, for the most part, it’s been done; at least when it comes to the mainstream articles I see.

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After having had the kids here for a few weeks now, we’re noticing things, quirks, personality traits, etc, that naturally do not show up during a day or two of exposure.

We have, since the first time that ‘N” came to visit, been concerned about his ability to communicate at the level of a three year old as well as his lack of coordination. The first time he spent the night was while I was on one of my trips. Jessica texted me a few times to tell me that all ‘N’ can do is grunt like a cave man and point. While both of our biological children were early adopters of their communication skills, we still thought that ‘N’ was a bit behind developmentally. We weren’t (and still are not) sure if this was a result of neglect or because of some learning issues.

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Since this crazy adventure started, we’ve had several people pitch in to help. While it really isn’t necessary, I cannot tell you how much we’ve appreciated all of it. From having people offer their time to help out to actually sending items we can use to just plain sending cash and gift certificates, it is definitely a reminder that we’re all in this together and it makes the experience so much richer when others get involved.

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The Weekend, Lemons, & Lemonade

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day and he brought up a point that I have often given thought to: for parents the real work begins on the weekend.

For parents who work full-time jobs, you probably know what is meant by this. Not that the Monday thru Friday grind is not work but there really is more of a routine to it. Get up, get the kids dressed and ready for school or wherever they need to go, and then get to work. I know . . . I’ve talked about routine enough, so I won’t dwell on it. I don’t know that I completely agree with the statement, but I definitely get the sentiment. Weekends bring a lot more unpredictability than weekdays do. Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes, well, they go the other way.

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65 Minutes of Chaos, The Little Things & A Cup of Coffee

65 Minutes of Chaos

How the morning goes in my head (the night before):

5:30: Wake up before everyone else. Check my email. Answer a question or two in Customer Support.
6:00: Take shower
6:30: Walk the big dog while Jessica is up, walking the little dog, then downstairs making lunches and breakfast
7:00: Wake the kids
7:20: Have them dressed and downstairs for breakfast
7:35: Have them out the door with Jessica for school
7:40: Have kitchen cleaned from breakfast
7:45: Have ‘A2’ on my lap drinking his bottle
8:00: Jessica back from dropping kids off
8:05: I am at my desk working

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Totally Worth It

I know I’ve mentioned that there are so many stories out there similar to that of ours and the three boys. Last night I came home to an email from someone whom I’ve known for a while and have had the greatest respect for. She is one of THE nicest people you’ll ever meet. She has no idea how much her email inspired and encouraged me. I shared it with Jessica, who’s experience growing up was very similar and she expressed the same sentiment as me.

I am posting the email with permission:

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