Two Types of Foster Parents

Going All In for FostersOk, there are more than two types. We’re humans, and it’s a pretty diverse group of people that choose to be foster parents. We all have the common bond that motivates us; the desire to help children; to give them a good, safe place where they can thrive and be who they are. We all want the best for the kids, no doubt about it. But how we go doing that is different for us all. [Read more…]

Yesterday Was Not My Greatest Day As a Human

It was a Monday. Typically, I have no issue with the concept of Monday. I love my family, but I do also love my work. I am lucky enough to be doing something that matters and I work with the most awesome team of people one could imagine. Not only do they work really bloody hard, but they support the personal endeavors of Jessica and myself. So, I’m lucky enough to be one of those who looks forward to weekends and weekdays equally and for different reasons.

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Business Travel & Guilt

I admit, I’m not one who’s much for guilt. Don’t get me wrong, I think it has its place, but as a general rule, I think it’s pretty useless.

As I wrap up my last trip of the year, I’m reflecting back on my last two years of business travel and how it has evolved as well as how it’s impacted me personally, and professionally. Prior to the frequent WordCamp trips, I was not much of a traveler. I loved the idea of traveling, but I had always been one who didn’t ever want to travel without my family; hard to do in a professional setting. [Read more…]


“Other than genetics, why do you think you’re so altruistic?”

That was the question posed to me by someone this past weekend. And to be honest, it sort of threw me off a bit because I didn’t have an answer. Since I have never really considered myself altruistic by the definition as I know it to be self-sacrificing for the benefit of others, I never stopped much to consider much what made me that way. I have always tended to look at a situation, determine what needs fixing and then did what I could to be a part of the fix. And yes, I’ve always thought of it as nothing more than genetics. [Read more…]


The day that I found her stranded in her car, one of the things she said to me was that she had just started attending church the day before. She had prayed that someone or some THING would come into her life to help. She repeated this to Jessica later that day. To be honest, I don’t know how much of that was factual and how much of it was something she said to help gain our trust. People who are street savvy learn some of the things to say to gain trust. It’s part of their survival. Religion is always a way (in my cynical viewpoint) for people to gain trust. Of course, to me it didn’t matter. What mattered were those kids.

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My Friend

I was four years old. Not even in the First Grade, and although it was over 40 years ago, I remember it as though it was yesterday. My sister and I were in a gymnastics class (which at age four, I’m pretty sure is just learning how to fall without getting a shiner or scraping yourself). There I was, minding my own business when suddenly, out of nowhere this kid comes up to me and punches me in the stomach. Of course, since I remember it like it was yesterday, I can assure you that I did nothing to provoke this action. It was the first time, that I recall, where I could not inhale. I thought I was going to die. It was also the first time (and possibly one of the very few times if not the only time) that I ever hated a person immediately. To make matters worse, it appeared that my sister and my new enemy’s sister were suddenly the best of friends. Just great!

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