Fundraising Update, Day 3

For those of you curious, here are the numbers as of day three:

First, let’s start with the expenses (the bad news):

Parts for car: 0 (we opted to have a mechanic repair, so the parts will be returned)
Hotel for mom: $500.00
Gas for car: $20.00
Outstanding parking tickets in Milwaukee: $613.00
Outstanding parking ticket in Green Bay: $55.00
Diapers: $30.00
Target for essentials for the kids: $200.00
School Uniforms (oldest started school yesterday): $70.00
Outstanding electric bill (needs to be paid so when she *does* find a place to stay, she can get the lights turned on): $1300.00
Car repair: $800.00 (this might actually go lower once it’s done as there are things that *might* not be needed. Car will be done later today.)

Total: $3,588.00

Now for the good news! This is what YOU all have contributed: $2,675.00

Definitely a testament to what a group of people can do when they pool their resources. Once again, Jessica and I cannot thank you enough! I’ll keep posting a daily update as numbers change.

Thanks again everyone!

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Overwhelmed With Gratitude (We Need Money Part 2: Results of Day 1)

So yesterday I posted a call for support. First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who pitched in to the campaign started yesterday. The response was overwhelming. Much of the money came from people I don’t know at all which really blew my mind. I knew that I had quality friends both in my personal and professional circles (which really overlap or have no dividing line at all), but it’s so good to see that others felt the need to help this complete stranger. Of course, the expenses do continue to pile up but yesterday was a huge boost.

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