Today I Don’t Believe in God

I just got back from a trip to Kansas City with Eli and Brenna. We were having breakfast at the hotel when we saw the news about the mass shooting that happened at an LGBT club in Orlando. Estimated 50 dead. 50 dead because, apparently, some guy didn’t agree with the lifestyle of the patrons of the club. [Read more…]

The Importance of Failure (ESPECIALLY In Front of Your Children)

1R2A1040I often tell people that, as parents, we’re pretty lucky in this day and age. While we have to deal with a lot of new things, I think that we’re lucky enough to live in a time where we are allowed to relate to our kids and they with us. No longer is all music of the devil (a lot of it might be crap but it’s not of the devil) and we’re allowed to be wrong. Kids are encouraged to fail and get back up again and parents are allowed to say that they don’t know the answers to things. [Read more…]

Here’s Your Sign

Landing - Live Love LaughToday I had an epiphany. Between Jessica and I, I tend to be the cynical one. I don’t mean cynical in that I have no hope for humanity or that I have a general distrust for people. I mean cynical in that I tend to look at simple things and react negatively to them. A perfect example of this would be things associated with the Positive Thinking movement. It’s hard to explain because, overall, I think most people would tell you that I’m a positive thinker. I’m confident, I believe in myself, and I push others to believe in themselves. But there are things associated with positive thinking that I’ve had a hard time embracing; particularly, things like daily affirmations and signs with catchy positive phrases on them. In fact, one of my favorite websites many years ago was a site that had signs with the beautiful pictures on it with a statement, except instead of a positive statement, it would be something negative (funny, but negative). A perfect example that I recall was a photo of a snowflake and the caption read, [Read more…]

Why I Take My Kids to WordCamps (And Why You Should, Too)

1R2A8201People who know me outside of WordPress know that I’m passionate about WordPress and, more specifically, its community. Those who know me from within WordPress know that I’m passionate about my family; so much so, that I’m sure that if you were ask anyone within the WordPress world who has known me for longer than five minutes, they’d tell you that it’s hard to get me to talk about anything else. Yup. It’s no secret that I love my family.

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All They Need is Love

We’ve all heard it: “As long as you love your kids, they’ll know it. That’s all they need.”

I call B.S.

One thing I’ve seen in the past year and a half of caring for children that are biologically related to another family is that you can love your kids and still be a totally crappy parent.

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THE “Talk” and Innocence Lost

Eli Skype SantaNo. Not that talk. The other one. You know . . . the one about the man in the red suit. Ya. That one.

Before Christmas this year, Jessica and I knew that it would be the last one for Eli. That one where he’d believe in Christmas the way an innocent little boy does, where everything is magical and the need to make everything truly explainable doesn’t exist. He was simply putting too much together throughout this last year but Jessica and I held on to that hope that we could squeak one more Christmas out before we’d have to have “The talk.” We knew that if Eli asked us flat out, it’d be time. We’ve always prided ourselves with being totally honest with our kids but we’ve always made just the one exception for the magic that is Santa and Christmas. We had always explained that the important thing was the spirit of hope, love, giving, and the connection that Santa and Christmas causes us to feel and how it’s a reminder to focus on the good in this world after what is typically a year with lots of downs. So, while we always did that, we also tied it to the jolly man with the elves.

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