Some Days You Feel More Superhuman Than Others

I am pretty much the first to admit that I think I’m superhuman most of the time. Of course, somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I realize I’m not but I tend to ignore all that. Today was one of those days where the reality that I am not became apparent. I’ll try to explain.

When we decided to take on the challenge of bringing three more kids into the house, we knew that after some adjustment, there would be a point where reality set in with each one of the kids and they would have to process it in their own way. We knew that when it happened, it would be a tough thing to deal with and we knew that it would be pretty emotional. Frankly, I had hoped that these realities would set in with each one of the kids on a different day, at a different time, and that it would (in my own ideal world, of course) also all occur at a time when both Jessica and I were in the same room to work through it with the kids. She is actually much better at talking to the kids to make them feel better, despite her tough-love “suck it up, buttercup” exterior. [Read more…]

From Two to Five (Overnight… Literally)

It started October 6, 2014. Ok – maybe it started sometime last school year. In reality, it’s probably been a progression that led to this. . .

Before I get into the story, I should probably give a little bit of context. Jessica and I both work at home. My office is directly above hers. Because we both make it a point to have a daily work routine/discipline, the truth is, we don’t actually TALK much throughout the day. That’s not to say that we don’t communicate, but as most people in the tech industry would understand, we do it via chat. In our case, most of it is done through Facebook Chat.

It was your typical Monday. We had done our usual checking our emails, reading articles people post, sharing articles that are of mutual interest, etc . . . until 9:45. And then this:

“(Kid’s Mom) messaged me

she needs help with 3rd shift baby care for the boys because i guess she works 3rd shift now”

And with that, life changed. [Read more…]