From Two to Five (Overnight… Literally)

It started October 6, 2014. Ok – maybe it started sometime last school year. In reality, it’s probably been a progression that led to this. . .

Before I get into the story, I should probably give a little bit of context. Jessica and I both work at home. My office is directly above hers. Because we both make it a point to have a daily work routine/discipline, the truth is, we don’t actually TALK much throughout the day. That’s not to say that we don’t communicate, but as most people in the tech industry would understand, we do it via chat. In our case, most of it is done through Facebook Chat.

It was your typical Monday. We had done our usual checking our emails, reading articles people post, sharing articles that are of mutual interest, etc . . . until 9:45. And then this:

“(Kid’s Mom) messaged me

she needs help with 3rd shift baby care for the boys because i guess she works 3rd shift now”

And with that, life changed. [Read more…]