So, we’re going through the process of getting guardianship for the three kids. This all sounds like loads of fun. There are a few requirements involved in order to petition for guardianship.

  1. Fill out a bunch of paperwork; essentially the same forms for each child. Jessica got writer’s cramp while doing this
  2. Establish Paternity
  3. Show that we can provide a good home to a guardian ad litem or social worker prior to hearing
  4. Serve parents for a court hearing
  5. Show up in court

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Dreams From the Chair

So last night, ‘A2’ woke up at, oh, who really cares? He woke up. It was the wrong time and it was inconvenient for everyone. All I know is that it was after I brought him up to bed and after I was asleep.

Jessica fed him, changed his diaper and then he went back to sleep. That’s what she tells me, anyway.

Then, at 2:00, he wakes up again. After you’ve had a couple weeks with a kid, you start to recognize whether or not it’s going to be one of those, “wake up, take a bottle and go to sleep” or, “wake up, stay awake and then stay awake some more” things. It was the latter (almost needless to say but since this is going to be a short post, I said it anyway).

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If I’m the Diplomat, We’re Doomed

Jessica has always said that I’m the diplomat in the family. To be specific, she has on many occasions said that I am TOO diplomatic. I suppose I’ve always worn the description of being diplomatic as a badge of honor. I believe that 99% of the issues in the world can be solved with respectful discourse with the skills required not just being the ability to present your viewpoint without insulting the other, but also understanding that of the other side.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Whatever works, right?

Whatever works, right?

Every once in a while you’ll read an article about some genius invention that some parent came up with and wonder why you didn’t think of that. I think the answer, many times, because of that key word: parent.

Parents have to figure out more ways to improvise in any given day than almost anyone else. Kids are unpredictable. Parents still have to be productive. There are only 24 hours in a day. It’s a tough deck with a tough hand dealt time after time after time. It’s really no wonder WHY parents are constantly inventing the coolest things. It’s no wonder they become the best project managers. And it’s no wonder they’re always tired. [Read more…]

Same Old Routine

In our house, routines are important. I know that everyone has a routine but for some reason, it feels as though it’s even more important that we have one than anyone else (and I bet you feel exactly the same way bout your daily routine). For Jessica and me, because we both work from home, it’s of the utmost importance that we have our acts together. The idea is that we’re at our respective desks by 8:15 every weekday. For her, it’s more important that she be at her desk later in the day because her daily deadlines hit at 6:30 PM. For me, the sooner I can get at my desk, the more work I can theoretically get done before I have to do the afternoon “Taekwondo Dad” thing (that sounds SO much cooler than “Soccer Dad”). [Read more…]

My Friend

I was four years old. Not even in the First Grade, and although it was over 40 years ago, I remember it as though it was yesterday. My sister and I were in a gymnastics class (which at age four, I’m pretty sure is just learning how to fall without getting a shiner or scraping yourself). There I was, minding my own business when suddenly, out of nowhere this kid comes up to me and punches me in the stomach. Of course, since I remember it like it was yesterday, I can assure you that I did nothing to provoke this action. It was the first time, that I recall, where I could not inhale. I thought I was going to die. It was also the first time (and possibly one of the very few times if not the only time) that I ever hated a person immediately. To make matters worse, it appeared that my sister and my new enemy’s sister were suddenly the best of friends. Just great!

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Clearly, one of us was irritated by the flash

Clearly, one of us was irritated by the flash

I have to admit, during the overnight routine, I have not been as actively involved as I was with Eli and Brenna. And by that, I mean the extent of my involvement has been that when ‘A2’ wakes up for his feedings, diaper changes and whatever general awakedness (yes, I just made that word up. My blog. My rules.) he sees fit at the time, I immediately spring into action by rolling over and putting a pillow over my head, leaving the work to Jessica. In other words, I’m a jerk. [Read more…]

When a Poopie Isn’t a Poopie

There’s no real delicate way to write this post, but I’m going to try. Before I get into the experience, though, there are a few things that need to be established here:

  1.  ‘A2’, the infant, is a boy
  2. ‘A2’, is an African American
  3. Boys have “boy parts”
  4. African Americans have brown skin, and
  5. (most importantly), I’m an idiot

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Just a Small Update

I’m not going to go into a long rant or anything since I’m working on getting to bed prior to midnight on a fairly regular basis but here’s the latest:

‘A’ has had a sour attitude for the last three days. When he gets this way, he shuts down and looks for anyway to hide that he can. This can include anything from hiding out somewhere in the house to zipping his coat or hoodie up over his face so no one can see him. Today, I told him that if he wants to be part of the family, he can choose to talk about his issues with us or I will send him to be alone where he has no form of stimulation (sort of solitary confinement). The main reason I do this is because I know he’s pulling this in order to *get* attention. By sending him where there is no one, there is no one for him to put on a show for which makes his dramatics pointless. By the end of the talk, we worked through some things and we’ll see if it has had much of an impact. I suspect we’ll go through several of these before he learns that he can trust us and that we’re going to be around. [Read more…]