And Then There Were Eight

Short post.

Today we got a call. There was an issue which resulted in the three older children going to their father’s house and the baby coming to ours (since the father of the other three is not the biological father of the baby).

At this point, it’s looking like a long-term foster care situation which has the potential to be even longer term than that.

Next week, the caseworker will be making the case to get our foster-care license expedited. We have been through everything with regard to licensing. The only thing holding up the license is our final home inspection which cannot be done until the attic is finished (minimum five more weeks). If the special exception is granted, the baby will stay with us. The baby coming here was at the request of the family, so I suspect that will not be an issue.

Until more is decided and as we now need to follow the guidelines of being a foster parent, information from here on out will be fairly limited when it comes to what I will be posting publicly. Of course, if you are interested to hear about the progress of the kids, you can reach out to us privately. We’ll tell you what we can.



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