About Marc

In contrast to Jessica, I grew up in a pretty “normal” existence. I was the second child of four and we lived in a nice little house in Southern California.  While our family didn’t have a lot of extra money, we were always well cared for and we were fortunate enough to go to good schools and get good educations.

When I was about 10, I discovered computer programing, and with little exception throughout my life, have been involved in technology in one way or another through today.

Currently, I am one of three partners for a software company (ServerPress, LLC), where we make software designed to make life easier for web developers and designers.

In 2013, we moved from “Small Town” Northern Wisconsin to Milwaukee because of a drive to make a positive impact on kids; specifically those who might not have loving parents; those who are often overlooked because they are “too old” and no longer “cute.” Finding the right house was the result of over two years of looking, driving 4 hours, looking again, finding a house only to discover that it wasn’t available anymore. And then, serendipity hit and we found just the right place.

I don’t believe that a child is ever ruined and that they all deserve a chance to make something of their lives or to “change their stars.” And, while I am a little tough on the “victim” mentality, I think that kids are so often victims of decisions their parents make.

Now that we’re here, we definitely plan to make a difference!