About Us

Hi There,

Thanks for visiting our page. I am Marc and my wife, Jessica moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with our two children, Elijah (Eli – 9) and Brenna (4) in the summer of 2013.

Our goal was to move someplace fairly urban, while still living in a neighborhood that is safe so that we could teach our children about diversity. Additionally, we wanted to find a home large enough that we could take in (or adopt) foster children; not the newborns (the ones everyone wants), but the ones that might be a little bit older and are unwanted and just end up in the system.

After finding the house and neighborhood, our intent was to build out the attic to turn it into a master bedroom suite while turning the bedrooms on the second floor into rooms for the kids we take in.

We changed our mind.

Instead, our focus has shifted to (hopefully) building out the attic to have six bedrooms and two bathrooms. And now that the majority of the rehabilitation has been done to the house, we are ready to begin.

Wish us luck!