65 Minutes of Chaos, The Little Things & A Cup of Coffee

65 Minutes of Chaos

How the morning goes in my head (the night before):

5:30: Wake up before everyone else. Check my email. Answer a question or two in Customer Support.
6:00: Take shower
6:30: Walk the big dog while Jessica is up, walking the little dog, then downstairs making lunches and breakfast
7:00: Wake the kids
7:20: Have them dressed and downstairs for breakfast
7:35: Have them out the door with Jessica for school
7:40: Have kitchen cleaned from breakfast
7:45: Have ‘A2’ on my lap drinking his bottle
8:00: Jessica back from dropping kids off
8:05: I am at my desk working

Of course, all of this requires that I’m in bed and asleep by no later than 10:30 (maybe 11:00) the night before. While I’ve had those rare instances where I *am* in bed at that time, it’s even more rare that I’m asleep by then; no matter how tired I am.

How the morning goes in reality. . . Typically . . . Subject to change . . . Give or take 5 to 30 minutes (The “chaos”):

6:15: Roll over and ask Jessica what time it is. Find out it’s 6:15, roll over and go back to sleep.
6:30: Force myself out of bed
<begin chaos>
6:35: Take ‘N’ to the bathroom, or maybe not. Or maybe.
6:40: Turn on the TV for him
6:41: Check my email. Or maybe not. Or maybe.
6:42: Hear ‘N’ scream in laughter or sing really loud at something on TV
6:42 and 2 seconds: Hear baby wake up
6:43: Hear baby screaming
6:44: Stick nuk back in baby’s mouth in hope he’ll go back to sleep (which is about as effective and likely as Charlie Brown kicking the football)
6:45: Stick nuk back in baby’s mouth in hope he’ll go back to sleep (which is about as effective and likely as Charlie Brown kicking the football)
6:46: Repeat until 6:59 when I realize it’s not gonna work
7:00: Wake the kids that are not awake yet (typically Brenna and ‘A’) and say good morning.
7:05: Wake Brenna up again
7:10: Wake Brenna up again
7:15: Tell Brenna she REALLY needs to get dressed because she needs to be downstairs in 5 minutes
7:20: Actually have the kids downstairs
7:30: Remind the older kids that they STILL need to get their shoes on
7:35: Actually get the kids out the door
7:40: Kitchen picked up. I don’t say “clean” because I’m fully man enough to recognize that my idea of clean and Jessica’s are two different things. But at least the dishes are put in the dishwasher and breakfast is put away.
<end chaos>
7:45: ‘A2’ is on my lap drinking his bottle
8:00: Jessica is back but big dog still needs to be walked, baby needs interaction time and shows no signs of being ready for a nap
8:30: Dog walked
8:35: Jessica and I talk about how the day is going to go
8:36: Jessica informs me that the mom has decided she misses the baby so needs Jess to drop baby off or something, this time with us providing bottle, diaper bag, etc. . . Or something
9:00: Baby finally showing signs of sleepiness
9:10: Baby asleep
9:15: I’m at my desk

After this, Jessica typically takes over baby duty, and so I may be a bit out of touch with how her day goes but I think that it continues on with as much unpredictability.

The Little Things & A Cup of Coffee

Now that I’ve shared with you about the typical morning, I’m going to talk about how the little things help you to realize how things can evolve and if you don’t pay attention, you’re going to miss it. Today, after Jessica left, I made my morning cup of coffee. If I am lucky, on days, I am able to go through the routine of French pressing it from the “good stuff” that I keep on hand. I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, so it’s really more of a thing where I relax in the process of making it (although it *does* make a superior cup o’ joe) and most mornings, I just don’t have the time to do it. Typically, I use the single-k-cup coffee maker to make my coffee, feed the baby and then proceed to forget that I made it and it gets cold. I still, reluctantly gulp it down (because those k-cups are expensive) and move on with my day. It’s really a shame, too, because in reality, I just drink the coffee for that warm, comfort as it goes down (the caffeine does little for me).

And then there was today. While I was not able to press my coffee, I did experience a small improvement. While feeding the baby, I discovered that he is now able to, with a bit of adeptness, hold his own bottle. What does this mean for me? While he is having his breakfast, I get a hand free to enjoy my coffee at its optimum drinking temperature. Never has a cup of coffee been so appreciated.

It really *is* the little things.

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