Welcome to the site. It’s nothing fancy and I don’t plan for it to be. I might change a color or two from time to time, but frankly, if you’re here, it’s not because you want to see a beautiful website. It’s because you probably know us and like to laugh at us (or with us).

Why the site? In a word: BECAUSE!

In more than a word? Well, because while the life of our family is always something that will become legendary one day, we just added an element (or three) to make it even MORE SO!

Still asking why? Because on Monday, October 6, 2014, we agreed to take in an additional three kids to add to the two kids we already had. So, now we’ve gone from a family of four to a transracial family of seven quite literally overnight and I thought it would be fun to blog about it. It’s been both rewarding and challenging as we try and navigate the waters and nuances of a multi-racial family. So chances are, it’ll be more of an outlet for me than anything, but you never know what might pop up (I mean, we don’t, so how could you?).

As of right now, we don’t know if this is a temporary or permanent situation. What we do know is that the new kids are great and our door will always be open to them, no matter how things shake out.

What you’re going to find on this site: A lot about just plain everyday life. In other words, nothing thrilling. It *is* a family site, though, so what you WON’T find is four letter words (except maybe words like “poop”, “snot” and “puke”), and a lot of me just posting what’s on my mind that day.

So, if you don’t know us and just happened upon us, let me introduce you to the latest iteration of the Benzakeins of Wisconsin; otherwise known as the cast of characters. We are (listed in order of age):

Marc, Jessica, ‘A’ (10), Elijah (9), Brenna (4), ‘N’ (3’ish) and ‘A2’ (3 months) <—- incidentally, I will not be updating ‘A2’s age every month on this page. You can do the math. If you need help with the formula, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for visiting!

A NOTE TO GRAMMAR NAZIS: I realize that there are a lot of typos, repetitive words, dangling participles, and possibly the occasional apostrophe where it does not belong. Please keep in mind that many times when I write my blog entries, I have a baby on my lap, or another 50 distractions going on. To me, it’s more important to click publish than it is to proofread. Yes, this goes against almost anything I’ve ever believed in and yes, there are times when I will go back and fix things late at night. But as a general rule, you can count on there being mistakes, and if your goal is to correct me, or your reaction is to cringe rather than actually take the point of the story with you, please keep it to yourself. You’re definitely missing the point altogether anyway. 🙂